A History of Success

For almost 40 years, Community Development Group has demonstrated its ability to create successful, award-winning Master Planned communities. With a focus on gaining difficult entitlements in growth-restrictive jurisdictions, Community Development Group has been able to optimize returns in limited entry markets along the Front Range of Colorado.


The Community Development Group team of experienced professionals utilizes a hands-on collaborative approach to create neighborhoods and amenities that enhance their projects, local towns and the lifestyles of their residents. Building on their political capital earned from prior successes, Community Development Group has worked with the towns of the Northwest Denver Metro market to create the next center for master planned development.


Navigating A Changing Landscape

Beginning in Boulder, one of the most anti-growth jurisdictions in the country, Community Development Group has been able to set standards and gain entitlement for its communities as growth restrictions close markets to additional development. Successfully navigating the growth restrictive waters emanating from Boulder, Community Development Group has been able to gain approvals for the last major projects in Louisville, Lafayette, Westminster, and Broomfield, Colorado.


Fifteen years ago, Community Development Group recognized that large developable tracts of land west of Interstate 25 and north of Interstate 70 were becoming rare and began purchasing its Erie, Dacono, and Frederick properties. That decision has proven to be prescient, as growth restrictions and open space designations have now severely limited development in virtually all communities within this submarket. Additionally, future development in cities like Westminster, Broomfield, Louisville, Longmont and Boulder will be focused on multi-family as single-family offerings are extremely limited. The expensive multi-family projects these cities allow will become “feeder” communities to the affordable single-family homes of Community Development Group’s communities.


Looking Forward

With a housing recovery well underway, the Community Development Group residential communities in Erie, Dacono and Frederick have become the direct beneficiaries of job and population growth in the region. Located within close proximity to the job factories that Boulder, Broomfield, Louisville and Longmont have historically provided, the tri-town area offers close-in affordable single-family housing.

With a diverse offering of housing types Community Development Group’s communities will capture a significant portion of projected growth in the region.


In addition to the growth restrictions present throughout the Northwest market, major price escalations in growth restrictive jurisdictions have enabled the tri-town area to become the focus of affordable single-family housing. Community Development Group owns the majority of the single-family residential development properties within this submarket.

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